Importance of Using a Stillage

In the world today, people now prefer using the stillage in the place of the traditional wooden pallet. The idea of people using the containers has really increased in the world today and so is the use of the pallet. You will find that a good number of people prefer using the pallets when dealing with large containers as opposed to any other storage means. The production of the pallets has increased significantly over the period as the demand has been increasing.

There are so many reasons as to why people have decided to move to the idea of using the pallet as opposed to the traditional ones. The first thing has to be the fact that in the earlier days the pallets were made of wood which is not very strong and had to put a limit of what to be held. Lately, things are totally different with the use of steel stillage which are very strong and durable. The manufacturers have gone ahead to produce very high quality steel stillage which are known to last for a good length of time.

The traditional tipping skips pallets have to be measured by a given body since they should be standardized according to the set rules. Unlike this, the stillage are able to be customized to a certain size which is ideal for the people who need to use it. The wooden pallets are meant to conform to a certain given standard in its making which mostly means that they have to fit certain items only so that they may be safe for use.

Stillage are able to be customized to fit large amounts of goods since the bars can be stretched to further dimensions .There are several ways that a stillage can be made to create more room for accommodating a big package. The A-frame kind of stillage are best to protect the items which are brittle like the glass. Then there are others like the tyre stillage which are mostly tailored according to the design of the item being transported.

With the Forklift safety cage , there is an option of holding much more weight as compared to the pallets. The steel does not break easily and can also be used over a given period of time. There is so much resilience that comes with using the steel and therefore one can use and reuse it over a given period of time. The cost of the stillage will be higher that the pallet although there is a value of the money spent given.